Saturday, February 14, 2009

Forever Butterfly Anniversary Card

The card is based on Laura's Sketch 19 over at 2S4Y
It also fulfills the ABC Challenge
A is for Anniversary Card

This one is pretty straightforward, but I wanted to keep focus on its underlying symbolism. The butterfly has to go through a lot of significant change and difficulty in order to become what it was meant to be, just like a relationship does as it grows and develops. It takes work and sacrifice from all involved, but when it all comes together--you have something of wonderful beauty!

Happy Valentines to everyone,


  1. `Beautiful` card love your butterfly:)

  2. This is such a beautiful card! Thanks for playing!

  3. This is gorgeous! Love the colors ♥♥

  4. You know, Kathryn, I have never been a butterfly fan-on clothes or jewelry, etc.--even though I love to see live ones. But your analogy of the metamorphosis of a butterfly compared to a successful marriage on this anniversary card was really thought-provoking, and true. I think I will appreciate the symbolism much more. Thank you. bonwal

  5. Beautiful card,that butterfly is gorgeous.
    Thank you for joining in theABC challenge.
    Cathy xx

  6. a very elegant and graceful card - the butterfly is gorgeous, thank you for joining us on abc this week

  7. Wow this is pretty. Thanks for joining in the ABC challenge this week.

  8. This is great! A different kind of Anniversary card!


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