Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrate with Me! Blog Candy

Good afternoon everybody!

Well I feel very celebratory this week and with so many good reasons too...
1) Life is simply wonderful, summer is bright, fresh and in full swing.
2) My baby boy is growing, babbling happily and becoming more and more the joy of our lives.
3) Baby Ben is ALSO sleeping six hours a night.  WOOT!!!
4) I made the One Stop Craft Design Team!!!
5) My patio vegetables are producing better than I would have guessed, thanks to living across from a lovely undeveloped field where there are plenty of Texas wildflowers to attract honeybees....

I simply feel like sharing the joy.  SO... Here's the candy:
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.... Scrumptious, right?  Look at all that ribbon... I'm having trouble parting with it... but I have way too much already... I am obsessed.

So what all are you seeing here?

Giveaway Includes:

Two sets of clear stamps:
1. Fun alphabet from {Art Warehouse by Hero Arts}
2. Flourishes {Doodlebug Design}

Cuttlebug Embossing Folder + Dies "Gratitude" set
Cuttlebug postage stamp embossing folders and die set....
AND a rainbow pad of DCWV textured cardstock to go with it for die-cutting

2 packages of MiniMARKS Run-ons by {American Crafts}
Set of 20 pre-folded gorgeous melon-colored cards and envelopes by {K&Company}
Assorted 6x6 designer papers {We R Memory Keepers}
Gobs of luscious summery RIBBON

So, to enter for this candy just spread the word on your blog (or by email if you like). 
I'd also love it if you would share something you love about summer, or something that makes you happy. :)
Please, please also follow so that you will know when your name is drawn--in the past I've had to go tracking down the winners and this time around I'm afraid I just don't have the time to do that; usually I am blogging one-handed while holding Baby Ben in the other arm (sometimes I even CRAFT that way, LOL!!!).  Thank you all for understanding.  If the winner doesn't contact me within the week, I'll have to re-draw and I always hate to do that.

I'll open it to international crafters too, so everyone is included!
The blog candy will stay open until JULY 4th because that will be an easy day for me to remember :)

Good luck, everyone!

Have a great day,


  1. Hi Kathryn x Wot lovely times you are having x It is all such positive stuff for you x Thanks for celebrating by offering candy x I love all sorts of things but the smell of freshly cut grass and having all the doors and windows open in the summer is just gorgeous x I am spreading the word on my blog

    July 4th is my wedding anniversary so it will be easy to remember too!

    take care and enjoy Ben x Leigh x

  2. Wow, cool blog candy. I'm a follower for your posts! What I like most about summer is the long days! I feel so energized by the long sunny days and get so much more done! :)

  3. I have a summer birthday - so I love that (it's July 3 - the day before this candy draw!) Thanks for the chance at this candy, and I do follow

  4. Hi Kathryn
    You have a super yummy candy. I'm a follower but I don't have a blog so I'll spread the word among my friends by email. Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

    What I like most about summer? I would say picnics and days at the beach!

  5. WOW!!! I like your candy!!! :)
    My link is on a left sidebar

    Thank you for a chance!!!

    What I love about summer? At first, I have my Birthday in June :) And of cause, it's a warm eather

  6. Thanks for the chance to win your Yummy Candy!
    Good people are born in May. My b-day was on the 9th. :)
    What I love about summer is getting to play in the garden. All the lovely flowers and fresh fruits and veggies, what's not to love.
    Hugs to you and baby Ben

  7. Hi huni this is wonderful news i am so happy for you it sounds that your life is wonderful right now and i hope it continues to be this great for you huni.Thankyou very much for the oppotunity of winning this amazing prize i have put it on my sidebar for all to see xx

  8. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win such yummy blog candy.

    I love being able to wear summer clothes and playing in the garden with out cat Plum.

    I will let all my craft pals know about your yummy blog candy by
    e mail.

  9. What a fabulous giveaway - thanks for the chance to enter :)

    What do I love about summers... hmmm... picnics with the family, driving with fields of green and yellow on either side, butterflies and bees flitting about everywhere, getting out in the sun and taking our pidgies on training drops - they look fabulous against a blue sky.

    What I hate... the heat :P

  10. Hi Katherine!! Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful blog candy. I have posted about it on my blog's sidebar.

    I love everything about summer....the warmer weather, the activities that we do like hiking, fishing, camping, riding bikes, evening walks, taking the kids to the park, and spending time in my garden. There are so many things that make me happy, but what makes me the happiest is my sweet little kids. I love watching them think and grow...the things they come up with just crack me up.

    Amy ♥

  11. Kathrine.
    I just got back from Puerto Rico and I remember what it was like spending summers there, with my grandma in the garden, fishing by the airport, climbing coconut tree and getting stung by bees!! Now that I have my own little family, I look forward to the water parks, amusement parks and family picnics.

    My little boy is gooing to be 6 months and we are having a blast watching him grow up.

    Thank you....thank you for sparking the summer bug.


  12. Hallo!!! I am Elena from Russia

  13. What a nice blog and great treats you have to share.Enjoy your little one, every moment passes so fast!
    My favorite thing about summer is going to pick blueberries...enough to stash in my big freezer and use throughout the year. There is nothing like homemade blueberry sauce on our Christmas morning pancakes.Yum.

  14. I am spreading the word by email! :) Thanks for having such a great blog, and the chance to win such great blog candy! This wonderful! I am 12 years old and somewhat have trouble crafting because I don't know what supplies to get:) I hope I win!

    My favorite thing about summer is that I get to be with my friends and family so much more and have some time to just relax and smell the flowers:)

  15. Hello
    candy already in my blog and will see my friends
    04.07. waiting eagerly for a gift
    your fan

  16. Fabulous Candy Kathryn thanks so much for the chance to win. I love long Summer days and Nights, sitting in the evening outside and of course my garden comes alive after all the hard work I put into it. I've posted it on my sidebar and also become a follower.
    I'll remember the date easily as it's also my Birthday.
    Fingers crossed x
    x Vee

  17. Hi Kathryn

    Your candy is fab - I'm already a follower and have added your candy to my sidebar at Create With Joy!

    I love the relaxed atmosphere of summer - long summer nights - travel - everything except hot muggy weather!


  18. What wonderful Candy!!! Totally in awee with that ribbon.

    I put a link in my side bar on my blog for you.

    I love summer because everything is so green, birds sing.. but I love watching thunderstorms under my covered deck.


  19. Delicious candy :)
    I'm a follower.
    I love summer, because summer heat. I live in the south of Russia and we can be very hot. I love it. I do not like being cold and shivering :)))

  20. Wow amazing candy !
    I would love to enter

    Will add a lick to it at my sidebar :)


  21. I am really glad I found your blog today. it is nice and creative.
    Yhanks for this candy. I hope I can take part in it? I linked it on sidebar
    Thanks for the chance to win so many nice and beautiful things for cardmaking. i am relly excited with this ) Hugs. Larisa.

  22. I love your blog and I am a follower... great giveaway. Thanks for all the fun

  23. HI! i'm a new follower to your blog! thanks for the chance t owin some yummy goodies!! i will link you to my sidebar.
    I love summmer, so many sunny days to look forward to! I love the picnics by the beach, ice cream on a hot day, cold watermelon in the backyard! So many things to enjoy!
    Have fun with your summer and your baby Ben =)


  24. Hi Kathryn,

    I'm a new follower. I used to be a kitchen table crafter. It's tough with little ones! Your blog candy is awesome, thanks for the chance to win it. My favorite part of summer is going to the beach with my kids. We have so much fun.

  25. I am new to blogging and I absolutely love what you are giving away. My favorite thing about summer is watching my daughter yell at the sound of the ice cream truck coming down the road and having to chase after it. :)

  26. Thanks for the chance to win!I love the summer sun and to walk barefoot :)

  27. I just followed your blog and thanks for the chance to win your candy. I'll post your candy on my blog.

    My favorite thing about summer is wearing my sandals again and I'll use it to everywhere I go ;)

  28. G'day Kathryn,
    My all time favourite part of summer is watching the grandchildren enjoying themselves under the sprinkler. Water is so much fun and their faces reflect their happiness.

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful and generous Sweeeeet Candy!
    Your link has been added to my blog's sidebar and I'm happy to follow your inspirational site!
    Thank you very much!
    Nana Vic / Nightowl

  29. WOW Kathryn!!!!!
    Fantastic candy! Thanks for the chance to win this beauty! Reeeeeeeally want to be the lucky winner. Linked it on my sidebar. When I sit in the room, I feel happy! I have got acquainted with scrapbook recently, but I live it! Each free minute I try to escape in the room and to create.... I have some Friends, therefore the most part of "hand-made articles" lies in my boxes, but I equally - to me like all to DO.... And still I very much love heat and the sun - summer!!!

  30. My list is long about the things I love about summer. I love that both my girls are home (One is in college and I don't get to see her much during the school year.) I love getting to sleep a little later plus sit up later. I love cold watermelon on a hot afternoon. I love soaking in the swimming pool and grilling out too. :) Thank you for the fun blog candy. Love those alphabet stamps...I "need" those for my collection. Wink. :)

  31. Hi I love the candy!!! So glad you are fine :) My favorite thing about summer is the perfect weather for swimming in the river and I also like the fact that there are lots of kids in the street. Please visit me at

  32. Hi Kathryn!

    Thanks for the generous candy opportunity!

    My fave things about summer HAVE to be the fact that my health improves slightly, BBQ's with friends and long summer evenings, and eating veggies, fruit and salad from my garden!!

    Katie xx

  33. I forgot to tell you that I love the midnight sun where we live... it is great and we hardly ever sleep...

  34. Hi Kathyrn
    Thanks for the chance at all your yummy goodies and who doesn't love summer :) I love the walking in the evenings the most because me and Mr Sunshine have a love hate relationship, I love the sun but he's always burning me too bad lol
    I've linked you in my sidebar and follow already
    hugs Nikki C

  35. Dear Kathryn

    your projects are amazing.
    What I love about the summer is the smell of a particular tea that grows on linden trees the smell is amazing. It reminds me of my childhood when with my grandmother ussed to pick it and dry it for the cold winter days :)
    This is my link to your candy
    Thank you for the chance !!!!

    Katerina Arsenova

  36. Hi Kathryn. Awesome blog candy you have there.
    What I like about summer, hmmm? Well I like all the warm weather for one and then there is the fishing. Its great to be able to take a evening and just spend it relaxing and fishing. The one thing I don't like about summer, are the mosquitoes. And I'm sure lots of people will aggree with me on that cause they are worst then ever this year.
    Thanks for the chance at your candy, will be keepin' my fingers crossed, lol. I also spread the word on my blog and became a follower.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  37. Hi Kathryn..WOW!! Faboulous candy U have here...One of my favorite things about summer is working in my flower garden and watching things grow..I became a follower and linked u up on my sidebar..Thanks for being so generous

  38. The candy looks scrumptious! Pick me pick me!! ha I am following you and I have you linked in my sidebar showing everyone the great candy and your lovely site.

    I think the thing I enjoy most about summer is spending the time with my kids. It is just an easier time and we travel to see family, swim in the pool, cook out, camp, and just generally have fun and enjoy the sun, family and friends. And they are always super happy.

    Sounds like you have a lot of great things going on in your life right now too! Lucky you.

  39. What a beauty!! Thanks for the chance to win! Linked it on my sidebar:
    I love summer because the weather is wonderful and a lot of flowers, as well as my birthday in August

  40. I have become a follower and linked you up to my sidebar. thanks so much for the chance.

    What I love about son is home from school..and camping with friends and family!!!

  41. Ohhhh...beautiful blog candy!! What I love most about summer (well just one of my favorites) is watermelon! :)

  42. Wow, such generous candy!

    Summer loves ... picnics, gardens, parks ... just being outdoors enjoying the sun.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Oh, I've shared this on my blog as well.

  43. what a great summer candy! the thing I love in the summer is the sea!

    I published your giveaway in my blog:

    L baribua

  44. What a great bunch of candy you've put together. I advertised it on my blog at

    so please enter me.

  45. Great candy! I'm following and there's a link in my sidebar . One thing I like about summer are the summer sales. Good weather isn't a certainty here, but sales are! It started yesterday and I already bought a lovely summer dress, a purple skirt and even some nice stamps! Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  46. Wow, great candy. Thanks so much for the chance to win it! I have posted on my sidebar.

  47. I've spread the word on my blog and to a bunch of my crafting buddies!!!
    My favorite thing about summer is having my son out of school, sitting on the deck in the evenings with my husband and son and his friends, talking about anything that anyone wants to discuss. I just love the comfort of everyone being together, on a nice summer day (although this year we have had more rain than we can handle!)

  48. Thanks for the chance at this candy, and I do follow.
    I have posted on my sidebar


  49. hi there!!! i'm so glad i came across your blog -- i love the cards i've taken a look at in the your sidebar. they are just GORGEOUS!!! wow!!!
    i've added a link on my blog sidebar to your candy...and i'm definitely becoming a follower! :)

  50. Hi Kathryn: Thanks for the opportunity to win some great blog candy. are amazing, blogging and crafting with one hand! Good mom!
    I am now a follower and have added your candy and link to my sidebar and will welcome you following my blog as well. Thanks again and congrats on the little one.

  51. Kathryn: I love Flowers, all flowers and that they all come up and bloom at different times and different colours...
    Thanks for the opportunity to win candy. Congrats on the little one and good for you to craft and blog and teaching the babe how to at the same time....ha...won't be long!
    You can visit my blog and see your link on my sidebar at and reach me at
    Thanks again

  52. Hi i'm a new follower and i'm e-mailing my sis and my cousin. great site. Have fun with your baby they don't stay little long. I love to watch my 4 pygmy goats(mattymae-jake -william & lulu) play in the

  53. Hi Kathryn. You do have a lot to celebrate, especially baby Ben! Congratulations on making the One Stop Craft Design Team! My favorite thing about summer is being able to spend more time outside. I am a follower and I've emailed my paper crafting friends.

    sucor_2 at

  54. WOW!!! This is really some wonderful candy:) Thanks for a chance to win:)


  55. I jusy found you and I love your creations!! I will be oassinb this on to my sweet bff. I am typing one handed because I am holding my sweet baby also. Thank you for the fun giveaway!!!

  56. thanks for the taco chic candy!

  57. WOW!!! This is really some wonderful candy.. Thanks for a chance to win..
    saluti dall'italia public in post on
    Hugs, rosa
    i am old follower
    blog creative:

  58. A really fantastic candy!!!!
    Thanks for the chance!
    I haven't a blog but I will spread your.

  59. Great things, really. I am happy to join the game, and the lottery!!!


  60. I love your blog candy!!!

    Summer- hrm.. My favorite things would probably have to be all the vacation possibilities! I love being beach bound!

  61. Thank you Kathryn! This candy is amazing! :-***
    I love the bright greens of summer, the long days, eating italian icecreams and... thunderstorms, when the sky gets dark and i'm sitting at the window looking at the fresh rain falling down :)
    Hugs, Anna

    nocidicoccole (at) gmail (dot) com

  62. Thank you so much for the chance! Your projects are just beautiful. I am a follower and your candy is on my sidebar. I love the summer! I love the butterflies and hummingbirds, I even named my daughter Summer. :)

  63. Here I am! :-)
    Spending time with my boyfriend makes me very happy (he also helps me in craft work!!)and I love summer because it's full of colours, and I love colours!
    Thanks for your wonderful candy!

  64. sweet candy hon. I rather winter here in queensland, australia.Summer too hot and winter here not too cold. But I love to snuggle in a blanket in the winter. Hugs

  65. Your candy is fab - I'm already a follower and added your candy to my sidebar .

    I love the relaxed atmosphere of summer - long summer nights - travel - everything !!! Hugs Ewa

  66. ...but are you sure that isn't 25 of december?... vompliments!!!

  67. I'm in time for joining the give away?
    I'm a new follower, I love everything that can be made handmaking!!
    Sorry but I haven't a blog...

  68. What great candy! There is always something happy about summer time. My husband is a teacher, so he is off work for the summer - so that is one thing that I love about the season.

  69. I completely forgot to leave a link to my blog!
    I did link your candy there.

  70. Hello

    very interesting blog
    Boxes make very beautiful
    Candy bar are recorded in a blog

  71. WOW!!! This is really some wonderful candy:) Thanks for a chance to win:)


  72. Wow! Great Candy! I'm so glad I found it, and just in time. Love your site!

  73. I'm loving this summer because my three-year-old has finally overcome her fear of water and we go swimming every day! It's so much fun! Your candy is liinked in my blog,, thanks for this candy!

  74. Wow what a great assortment of yummy stuff to win!! :-) Summer is great because you can walk in the grass with no shoes!! I will email this site to my friends. Thanks

  75. Hi Kathryn ~

    So happy to hear that Baby Ben is sleeping zzzzzzzzzzzzzz - that makes everybody happy :) Congratulations also on your DT spot! That is very exciting!!!

    Summer....I honestly enjoy Spring weather much better than Summer. I don't do well when it's so HOT - I get grumpy lol! I do LOVE the sunshine and the yummy fruit that tastes soooo good at this time of year.

    Thank you for offering this awesome assortment of goodies. I know what you mean about parting with treasures! I have an abundance of some things also!!!

    I'm off to post for ya on my candy alert! page. I have (1) very gently used Magnolia stamp as blog candy if you are interested...

    Love and hugs ~
    My Blog

  76. Wow, what a wonderful Blogcandy. Thanks for the chance to win, i've linked you on my sidebar and i'm a follower.....


  77. Very good sweetie, thanks for the chance.
    Greetings from Ukraine.
    link on the side panels

  78. wow! what a great giveaway! Summer is the time for us to sleep in, make popsicles and run through the sprinklers!

  79. Thanks for a chance to win.
    I kindly invite you to visit my blog.


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