Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My little Explorer & Garden Memories

No craft projects to share today; just a few snapshots into our life.

At Shutter Sisters this week we were introduced to a wonderful company, Pinhole Press, that will take your photos and make high-quality printed products from them.  We were encouraged to choose a photo that would be our choice for a day planner cover, or another project.

Here is my first choice, as well as a few other shots from our trip to the gardens this spring.  My little explorer had such an amazing time, and it was sheer joy to watch him.

Once we were further into the garden, he discovered the fountain...
I let him splash around; after all, there was a spare outfit in the car.  What fun is there if a boy can't get messy once in awhile? :)

This garden is particularly special to our family.  It was one of our favorite places to go when my sweetheart and I were dating.  Then, for almost the duration of our engagement, we were over 2000 miles apart.  When he returned, we came here and read from our book -- C.S. Lewis' "The Horse and His Boy".  We were reading the series together as just another way to feel not-so-far apart while he was away.  We finished that volume in the garden together. 

Then we played frisbee with my backpacking frisbee...  It got lost in this very pond.

 We took our engagement picture right here in the beautiful soft green grass.  And now here is my baby... under the same trees, enjoying the same beautiful lawn.

Next he explored the stairs, which he figured out how to climb upright--
all by himself, using the railing.  *Proud mommy moment* :)

After he'd taken his uncle's hat, he thought it would be SO funny for mommy to wear it...

Live well and love every little moment!

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