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TREETOP MONTHLY - JULY - "Favorite Trees"

Welcome to Treetop Monthly--the monthly craft challenge that spotlights those lovely leafy leviathans ;)

Feel free to grab one of these banners for your blog!

For the very first challenge, the theme is
You can either tell us your favorite tree/s that you like to look to for inspiration, or show us a photograph.  If you have a story to tell about why it's your favorite, we'd love to know that too!
If you just can't choose a favorite, then you are certainly welcome to use one of mine:
As a Southerner I know and love tall trees. Deep-rooted old oaks, maples, hickory trees... I enjoy visiting old sentinels like the huge Wasilik poplar and the Angel Oak--trees with history and memory.  I even missed pine trees while I was in Texas... think of that! :)  And then there are flowering trees like dogwoods, crabapples, cherry and plum trees; fruit trees like apple and peach trees... Mountain trees like paper birch, and river trees like willows.
But oddly enough, this Southern tree-lover's heart was stolen by a Western tree:
The Aspen
I went out West for the first time when I was fourteen, and stayed for a week on a ranch, taking trail rides (on a horse named Texas... funny old world, isn't it), sketching, hiking.  And there were slender tall trees growing in beautiful groves on the mountainsides there.  The mountains were unlike the ones of Appalachia that I was already familiar with from numerous family camping and hiking outings.  These mountains were newer, taller, and, to me, fiercer.  Those wonderful white trees shook in the wind that rushed down from Canada.  They made a sound like a sigh and I imagined there must be a story behind them.
Quaking Aspens...the Singing Trees.

No card or picture could ever do them justice, because it robs them of their voice.  Still, here is my card for this month, inspired by my favorite tree.


I've used one of my digital sketches for this card, which you can use too if you like.  You can find it by clicking HERE -- you will find the sketch as well as my simple terms of use.

Technically, I have titled the sketch "Paper Birches" - but the trees look similar enough to aspens that I make an exception in this one case :)

I've also decided to extend the launch candy to be the base for this week's prize!  For every 4 entries we get in this first challenge, I'll add something else to the stash!
We start here...

Now I can't wait to see your creations!

But first, a quick bit of housekeeping for everyone's info.  I'll post it along with the challenge for awhile, but after that you can find it on the Treetop Monthly Tab of my blog.

Challenge Details and Rules:
  1. A new challenge will be posted on the 1st Saturday of each month, and will run until midnight on the 28th of the month, in order to leave time for winners to be selected.  Winners will be posted here by the 30th of each month.
  2. Winners must contact me by EMAIL within two weeks; otherwise a new winner will have to be drawn.  And I just hate having to do that.
  3. Every month we will have a Winner aka "High Climber" and also a "Top Tree" (3). 
  1. You may submit any craft, card or photography, or other medium.  Theme challenges are open to interpretation as long as we can recognize the source.
  2. You may enter as many times as you like and are welcome to combine with as many other challenges as possible!  In fact, if you top 10 or more, you'll be recognized along with the monthly prizewinners!
  3. Please do not backlink to old posts and projects; it isn't fair to other players.  Backlinked posts will not be eligible for monthly prizes and recognition.
  4. All entries must link back to Treetop Monthly using a URL and/or the challenge banner.
  5. Ready?  Set?  Link! :)


  1. Great challenge! I am hoping to get some time this week end to participate!

  2. I found you through Sentimental Sundays and am so happy that I did. I love trees and can't believe you have a challenge site dedicated to them. How fun is this going to be???
    I will definitely try and play along and thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

  3. It looks like I got my July Favorite Trees challenge done just in time. I've been talking about the new challenge on my blog. Hopefully, things will pick up.


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