Monday, June 13, 2016

Free Digi Sketch: Desert Fennec Fox

Good morning friends! It's Monday and I have another Digi Sketch to share with you today!
This original sketch is of a desert Fennec fox.

My Jay has a thing for foxes, and my father grew up in the desert.
Since I've done nautical cards for the men in my family
for many years at Fathers' day (including this year),
I'm thinking a desert-themed card
for my self-proclaimed "desert animal" Dad
will be a nice change for him next year.  Ssh.  Don't tell. ;)

Find out more about desert Fennecs at
the National Geographic website
or at the WWF Website.
I've been tempted to "adopt" one of the WWF plush Fennecs for awhile,
but the narwhal, sea otter or sockeye salmon might win first.
Either of these sites will give you good reference photos for coloring.

Image is in .png format
Click on graphic for full-sized version to save
And here are a few digitally colorized versions,
in case you find yourself in a rush by any chance.  I was a bit limited in my color palette,
and plan to do a card with a hand-colored version very soon.  But in the meantime,
the first has a pure white background, the second is a cream color.


Files in .png format

You are welcome to use these sketches for your projects, but all I ask is that
1) You do not try to pass off my artwork as your own and
2) Please link back to me on your posts or projects. Images are still copyright to me, Kathryn Ritter. 3) I would love to see your projects as well; please come back and link them up so that we can all see YOUR work! :)
As I add more sketches to the collection, you'll be able to find them using the tab at the top of the page. I hope you will keep checking back or follow so you won't miss any new sketches as I make them available. My goal is to share with my fellow crafters so the more the merrier! :)
Have a great day!

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