Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vintage Postage Roses

Just one simple card this rainy gray morning for the ABC Challenge "R is for Roses" challenge this week.  I'm listening to a recording of Thistle and Shamrock, the baby is sleeping and my toddler is enjoying turkey and blueberries in his high chair... so, all in all, a pretty good day so far. :)

 Detail of those lovely botanical stamps:

Materials Used on this Card:
Cardstock {DCWV, Georgia Pacific}
Patterned papers {Hot Off the Press, The Paper Studio}
Bronze Brads {Spare Parts}

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And after a long time...

Good morning all my friends!
I have been gone for a very long time, I know.  A shamefully long time.  But I have not forgotten you all in the blog world.  I will tell you what has been going on... but first...

Can anyone guess just how long it has been?  Yes, that's right....
9 months!
And if that gets you wondering...
You just might be right! :)

What a surprise this summer when we found out we were expecting little boy #2!  Unfortunately, all the morning sickness I had escaped with #1 caught up with me... quickly.  It was all I could do to keep up with a) Mr. Shenanigan and b) the laundry.  I had to drop crafting completely for awhile.

As I rounded the corner from first to second trimester, we had another bout of family illness, and then a vacation back home for a family wedding, followed by holidays, more illness, and plans for a long-distance move!

Packing was quite the task for me; not only because I am inclined to over-organization about those sorts of things, but also since Mr. Shenanigan thoroughly enjoyed 'helping'!  Almost as soon as my back was turned, a half-packed box would be on the floor and a very happy little guy was tearing through the contents and carrying them all around the house!  Still, after going free-box hunting at WalMart and grocery stores for months, and packing everything just a bit at a time... we finally made it back home to the Carolinas and family....

We felt strongly that, although it meant leaving all of our wonderful friends in Texas, and our situation would change dramatically for awhile, that this was really the best thing for our family at this time, and so, with the Lord's help we literally moved forward with faith.  So many wonderful people helped us, and we were so grateful.  Our trip was not without adventure however... some of you may have heard of or even experienced the huge snowstorm that hit the Southeast early in January this year?  We drove in right along with it!  It was an exciting trip to say the least, but we arrived safely and have settled now. 

Updates coming soon when #2 finally arrives; but for now, have a wonderful day all and watch for some celebratory candy coming soon!  I have plenty or craft goodies to clear out after the move and also to celebrate our little guy!


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