Monday, July 18, 2011

Free Digi Sketch: Baby Teddy Bear with Bottle

Good morning friends! It's Monday and I have another few Digi Sketches to share with you today!

I had some fun colorizing this one too, so if you have a color printer you can save yourself some time on your project. :)

This sketch is of a baby teddy bear bear with a bottle.

(Click to view images full size)

Next are a number of colorized versions.  Again, to view and save these colored versions, click on the individual image.  They are the same dimensions as the Black and white version above.

Files are in .jpg format

You are welcome to use these sketches for your projects, but all I ask is that
1) You do not try to pass off my artwork as your own and
2) Please link back to me on your posts or projects. Images are still copyright to me, Kathryn Ritter.
3) I would love to see your projects as well; please come back and link them up so that we can all see YOUR work! :)

Also, when you are telling others about my free sketches, please use the watermarked image below for display and provide a link back to the main Digi Sketch page--THANK YOU!

You can find all the sketches in the collection by clicking the Digi Sketches tab at the top of the page. I hope you will keep checking back or follow so you won't miss any new sketches as I make them available. My goal is to share with my fellow crafters, so the more the merrier! :)
Have a great day!

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