Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tutorial: DIY Transparency Overlay Embellishments

How to make Transparency Overlays using Rub-ons
Transfering the rub-on to the overhead tranparency sheet works just like using rub-ons with regular paper or cardstock; just make sure that you are a little more gentle, since the surface of the transparency paper is slick. You can use acetate sheets (which are often smooth on one side, rougher on the other--these are also excellent for STAMPING), or you can use regular office transparency sheets--the same kind you use to print graphs for an overhead projector presentation (I know, right?--who uses overheads anymore? Have they gone the way of the flannel board? Well, maybe not quite... You can at least still find transparencies at office supply stores and WalMart. :)
After you've finished the transfer of the design, peel the backing paper away carefully (unfortunately I got a little impatient with mine, as you can see in the photo above :( , then trim around the design with a pair of very sharp scissors. I am quite pleased with my Weston embroidery scissors for this kind of job.  And then, that's it--you're done!
ZOTS by Thermoweb work well to adhere the design, especially if you can cover up the adhesion point with a flower or other embellishment, as I did in my Summer Hydrangea Wedding Card:
I'd love to see how this tutorial helps you!  Leave me a link here with your projects so that everyone can enjoy ;)
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  1. Great idea! Love the card you made with your overlay! :)

  2. Thanks for the tutorial Kathryn. Your card is so gorgeous!

  3. This card is absolutely beautiful. I love the way the rub-on looks on the transparency. I think I may have to give it a try soon. Thanks for sharing!!

    Amy ♥

  4. Hi Kathryn, and welcome to the team. Thanks for the tutorial - it's something I had never thought to do, and it looks fabulous!


  5. I so love this card,beautiful.x


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